About Cossmass Infinities

Cossmass Infinities is a Science-Fiction and Fantasy short story magazine. We publish some of our stories for free on our website and we have exclusive, original stories, only available in the ebook and print editions.

It is edited and published by Paul Campbell.


We pay our authors the SFWA pro-rate for original stories.

There is no company behind Cossmass Infinities. There is just me, Paul Campbell, currently paying for everything out of my own pocket. Each issue costs around $3300 produce.

We need your support to help pay our authors. You can do that by buying copies of Cossmass Infinities and by supporting us on Patreon or Buy Me A Coffee.

The Name

Where does the name Cossmass Infinities come from?

Once, many, many years ago, I was running a Role Playing Game at some University in Edinburgh one Sunday afternoon. It was a reality hopping adventure initially inspired by Waxwork II: Lost in Time. One of the players asked me what the name of the setting was. I’d never actually thought of what to call it before. What was the plural of Cosmos? ‘Cosmoses’ or ‘comoi’? Both would have been great, even correct. I didn’t know either at the time. Under preasure to give a confident answer to my players, I mashed Cosmos and ‘mass’ (large in number), and said “The Cossmass”.

Infinites is simply a plural form of Infinity. Okay, this one was a bit obvious.

So, Cossmass Infinities is “a multiple infinite number of many Cosmoses”. More than a few possibilities, then.


This isn’t the first incarnation of Cossmass Infinities. During 2010, I published eleven episodes of a short story podcast under this name. You can find those old episodes here:

Cossmass Infinities Podcasts 2010

This was a fun experience, but also a bit of a nightmare. I loved reading and choosing the stories, but recording and editing the podcast was too much for me. In the ten years since, I’ve always regretted not continuing with Cossmass Infinities in some form. Now, as I can see my own half-century just around the corner, I’ll be counting the weeks by the time we launch, I can’t put it off any longer. Now or never. I am commiting to Cossmass Infinities again.


Thanks to everyone who will help me in this, from authors for submitting their stories, to readers for reading, supporting and spreading the word about Cossmass Infinities.

I look forward to you all joining me as we explore the Infinite Realities of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

—Paul Campbell, Editor & Publisher, Cossmass Infinities