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A Monster in Miami
Daniel Delgado
11859 words
I really shouldn’t be here, I thought as soon as I saw the body. The dead man had been spread on the marshy ground at the shore of the mangrove swamp, next to the fishermen’s canoe. The boat was beached at one of the few breaks in a dense mass of mangrove roots that sprawled explosively into the air before plunging down and vanishing into the green-gray water. His head had been removed, leaving behind most of the neck, and a wicked slash gaping at the base of his throat. Read more...
Bleed A Little While
Michael James
Science Fiction
2381 words
Before the world collapsed, they did a poll about the Challenger explosion to determine how many people saw it in their classroom. Eighty percent responded they had clear memories of watching it live. I remember the grainy images on the TV, watching in rapt attention as the teacher cried in the corner with her hands over her mouth, all of us shocked to silence by the tragedy of the explosion. The memory is so vivid, I can almost smell the cleaning solution they used on the floors. Read more...
A Tomorrow With You In It
Matt Tighe
1880 words
It is dark when they come, banging on the door so loudly that I know they are bringing death with them. I hurry to answer it. I can see you stir in the sleeping alcove, little more than a hump under the blankets, but you are tired out from a day of laughing and climbing and tugging on my skirt, and you do not wake. The night sounds of the city flow in as I open the door. Read more...
One More Fairy Tale
Carol Scheina
Science Fiction
1808 words
I was told you were dead, but I knew that wasn’t the true story. A mother always knows. I still have one more fairy tale to tell you, my daughter, even if you never hear it from my lips. Once upon a time, there was a woman who badly wanted a child, the longing pinpricking at her heart until she couldn’t ignore it. People with those kinds of longings always make deals, and this time around, that person was me. Read more...
Sing The End
Claire McNerney
2329 words
The modern pop song structure goes as follows: intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, out. — INTRO — We were eighteen and full of ourselves when we decided to start a band. Phoebe could play the keyboard, Seb had a vintage drumset, and I had bought a shiny electric guitar with my graduation money. We met twice a week to practice together in Seb’s garage with the door open so that all the neighbors could hear, but I wrote more often than that in my bedroom, alone, with a headphone in one ear. Read more...
Somto Ihezue
3944 words
First, was Isi. In the forests of the Jardim Tunduru, the scent of jasmines wafting on a breeze, wrapping the air in a sweetness. The rosemary, the basil, the sage, a cascade of fragrance so sharp, it cuts into the morning dew. That was Isi. She was the warm smell of your mother’s house, of freshly baked bread, fir trees, and the meadows where the goats once grazed. She was the places you hid as a child, the wardrobes, a tang of tobacco and old smoke trapped in the shelves. Read more...
All Legacy Hardware
Owen McManus
Science Fiction
7449 words
Kara stared down at her legs. Her legs wanted to run. Kara’s legs dominated marathons and triathlons. They earned medals and placements at meets around the world. They secured sponsorships that let her concentrate on training. They ran long races up steep mountain inclines to air so thin she felt she would never fill her lungs again. Her legs carried her back down keeping pace the whole way. Kara’s legs could run 400 meters at a dead sprint in just over a minute. Read more...
A Fall Backward Through the Hourglass
P.A. Cornell
1081 words
Before you came, I’d heard pregnancy could change a woman’s body. People gained a shoe size or started enjoying food they’d once hated. I wasn’t prepared for what happened to me though. You were born on my thirtieth birthday. The greatest gift I ever received. You were pudgy in all the right places, with downy brown hair already grown in enough for one of those tiny bows. I named you Isla and took you home. Read more...

The Second Year - 2021

Cover art by Chainatp
Pre-order now for publication on December 1st
An anthology of all 25 orignal stories published during 2021, covering issues 4, 5 and 6, plus five all-new stories.

Five Original Stories

Push A Little Button
Fiona Moore
Science Fiction
10894 words
The Sea Dream
J. Florence Martin
Science Fiction
3530 words
Paper Hero
Jim Marino
5653 words
The Purpose of a System is What it Does
Jonathan Ficke
3816 words
The One in Possession
Ted Rabinowitz
4871 words

Twenty-Five Collected Stories from all three 2021 Issues

This is Not a Diary, This is Not a Confession
A. Katherine Black
1995 words
Echoes Under My Skin
Alexandra Seidel
Science Fiction
3994 words
I Will Teach You Magic
Andi C. Buchanan
2396 words
Confessions of a Forward Thinker
Derrick Boden
Science Fiction
5958 words
The Game Will be Mortal
Gillian Secord
4431 words
Jess Hyslop
3100 words
Starter Culture
Jessica Lévai
2956 words
Thomas Ha
7166 words
The Association of Twelve Thousand Flowers
Ursula Whitcher
Science Fiction
5618 words
Recreational WorkHart Use
Brenna Harvey
Science Fiction
8532 words
Top Ten Demons to Kill Before The World Ends
dave ring
1800 words
The Quickening and the Canker
David Cleden
Science Fiction
2397 words
JL George
Science Fiction
3714 words
The Soul Catcher
Leila Martin
2358 words
Lindz McLeod
3666 words
A Glut of Nothing, and Yet... Something
Monte Lin
Science Fiction
3678 words
The Song of Leviathan
Victor Pseftakis
5362 words
Thirty-Three Kilometers from Kiev
Brian Hugenbruch
Science Fantasy
2144 words
The Mysterious Death of Mr. Park
Diane Morrison
Science Fiction
7351 words
The Collector
Jelena Dunato
4702 words
End of The Road
K. D. Julicher
8085 words
The Hagfish Has Three Hearts
Monica Joyce Evans
Science Fiction
6278 words
P.A. Cornell
Science Fantasy
4327 words
The True Value of an Artist is His Patriotism
P H Lee
Science Fiction
2175 words
Sungrass Girl
Uchechukwu Nwaka
5278 words
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