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Six Times Through
Scott King
1492 words
I was twelve the first time I passed through; old enough to think that I knew everything, and young enough to not know a damn thing. One moment I was at home, and in the next I was in a literal magical forest three worlds away. I met a prince, befriended a dragon, found a secret gem of power, the Moon’s Silver Eye, and used it to dethrone a queen. Read more...
The True Name of the Sharp-Toothed God
KT Bryski
3192 words
It is a hard voyage, at the worst time of year. Unlucky as speaking the true name of the Sharp-Toothed God. We wake cold, work cold, piss cold. Sleep cold—maybe. That depends. Second night on the water, I catch the pretty young man smiling at me, his cheeks pink, whisky untouched. There are two passengers. Pretty young man and harsh grey woman. They bought every berth on the ship. No other fares, no cargo. Read more...
Tom Brennan
3833 words
Connor was the last to return from the War, a fact not lost on the villagers although they discussed it only in his absence. Of the seven local young men who’d volunteered, one returned fit and well to a hero’s welcome, two came back to rest under the silver birches in the graveyard beside the grey stone church, and three would stay forever in those distant fields in which they’d fallen. Read more...
Of Fire and Slumber
Brian D. Hinson
7044 words
— Year 3 — Fiona watched the slowly moving star in the purplish evening sky of Prospero, the air still stinking of woodsmoke and ash. The Delias in orbit carried thousands of sleepers. One hundred had been recently awakened to join their comrades on the ground. But there would be no happy reunions. The recently revived had been ordered to return to their pods without setting foot on the new world. Read more...
Carrying Stones
Avi Burton
2632 words
Content warning: Holocaust, child death I woke up unable to breath, a choking weight on my chest. I wheezed and struggled under the weight of a stone—large, gray, round—pressing down on my ribs. I rolled over in bed; the stone clattered to the floor. It made a dent in the rug. I looked to the ghost of my great-grandmother in the corner of the room and said, “I wish you’d stop doing that. Read more...
Mercy Rides Free
Elizabeth Cobbe
2978 words
My name is Mercy, and I am a constitutional monarch. That means I have no power. Also I am seven. My favorite colors are peach and azure, and my favorite animal is the unicorn. I have six unicorns. Their names are Cumulus, Cirrus, Altostratus, Mama, Papa, and Mr. Thunderclap. My real Mama and Papa disappeared when I was little and I don’t remember. Prime Minister Astiriarchas says that the generals and the Parliament are still looking for the people who did it. Read more...
Rag and Bone, Scrap and Sinew
Jonathan Laidlow
3996 words
“Any ol’ iron?” Tatter Jansen always followed the same route. She was a Rag and Bone Man: she collected junk left out on the kerb and took it away. She lived out past the suburbs in a junkyard as old as the city, if not older. She would zig-zag through the streets, looping around the ring-road, until over the course of a week she had covered every mile. The only street she avoided was on the other side, the Southside, where Old Man Trouble lived. Read more...
A Monster in Miami
Daniel Delgado
11859 words
I really shouldn’t be here, I thought as soon as I saw the body. The dead man had been spread on the marshy ground at the shore of the mangrove swamp, next to the fishermen’s canoe. The boat was beached at one of the few breaks in a dense mass of mangrove roots that sprawled explosively into the air before plunging down and vanishing into the green-gray water. His head had been removed, leaving behind most of the neck, and a wicked slash gaping at the base of his throat. Read more...

The Second Year - 2021

Cover art by Chainatp
An anthology of all 25 original stories published during 2021, covering issues 4, 5 and 6, plus five all-new stories.

Five Original Stories

Push A Little Button
Fiona Moore
Science Fiction
10894 words
The Sea Dream
J. Florence Martin
Science Fiction
3530 words
Paper Hero
Jim Marino
5653 words
The Purpose of a System is What it Does
Jonathan Ficke
3816 words
The One in Possession
Ted Rabinowitz
4871 words

Twenty-Five Collected Stories from all three 2021 Issues

This is Not a Diary, This is Not a Confession
A. Katherine Black
1995 words
Echoes Under My Skin
Alexandra Seidel
Science Fiction
3994 words
I Will Teach You Magic
Andi C. Buchanan
2396 words
Confessions of a Forward Thinker
Derrick Boden
Science Fiction
5958 words
The Game Will be Mortal
Gillian Secord
4431 words
Jess Hyslop
3100 words
Starter Culture
Jessica Lévai
2956 words
Thomas Ha
7166 words
The Association of Twelve Thousand Flowers
Ursula Whitcher
Science Fiction
5618 words
Recreational WorkHart Use
Brenna Harvey
Science Fiction
8532 words
Top Ten Demons to Kill Before The World Ends
dave ring
1800 words
The Quickening and the Canker
David Cleden
Science Fiction
2397 words
JL George
Science Fiction
3714 words
The Soul Catcher
Leila Martin
2358 words
Lindz McLeod
3666 words
A Glut of Nothing, and Yet... Something
Monte Lin
Science Fiction
3678 words
The Song of Leviathan
Victor Pseftakis
5362 words
Thirty-Three Kilometers from Kiev
Brian Hugenbruch
Science Fantasy
2144 words
The Mysterious Death of Mr. Park
Diane Morrison
Science Fiction
7351 words
The Collector
Jelena Dunato
4702 words
End of The Road
K. D. Julicher
8085 words
The Hagfish Has Three Hearts
Monica Joyce Evans
Science Fiction
6278 words
P.A. Cornell
Science Fantasy
4327 words
The True Value of an Artist is His Patriotism
P H Lee
Science Fiction
2175 words
Sungrass Girl
Uchechukwu Nwaka
5278 words
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